Communication Disorders

There are two main categories that fall under communication disorders. These are speech and language disabilities. Speech impairments involve a persons voice and projected sounds. These include a person’s ability to articulate their speech, fluency, speech sounds and voice. A language disability focuses more on receiving and making sense of information, and creating a response to the information either orally or verbally. Either one of these impairments could greatly affect a students social and academic life.

The earlier that a communication disorder can be identified, the better, it is important to start working with children with communication disorders at an early age so they have strategies and tools to help them through school. Sometimes graphic organizers can be useful for students with communication disorders. It is interesting because graphic organizers are a possible tool for helping with almost all of the disabilities we talked about in class so far. The teacher should help support the student and make sure the student’s schedule is structured and written out for them. Students may benefit from work with a speech therapist, and may be taken out of class for that. Students with communication disorders should feel safe and comfortable in the classroom, as should all students, but it is up to the teacher to create that environment. Students with communication disorders typically spend most of their time in the general education classroom, which is why it is so important that they feel comfortable in that setting. I am interested to talk about this more in class because the difference between speech and language disorders is still a little confusing to me.

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cultural and linguistic differences

Teaching cultural and linguistic diversity is extremely important. Teaching cultural diversity goes deeper than simply teaching about another cultures foods or holidays. Teaching about cultural diversity is more about embracing differences than any thing else. Whether it is differences in background, beliefs or values. It is important to recognize ones own cultural values and bias, so you can adjust to it and be a better teacher. Culture greatly affects students and it even influences the way that they learn. There may be students from many different cultures in your classroom. Students from another culture may feel intimidated in school, especially if they are not from the dominant culture that surrounds them. This can be overwhelming and intimidating for these students and can negatively affect the way that they learn. It is important for teachers to build relationships with their students and to get to know the student’s background and personal experiences. Each person is unique. If a teacher knows at least a little about their students they can better tailor their lessons to fit the needs of the children in the class. Schools and classrooms need to value diversity and instill this mentality into their students. It will create a healthy community that welcomes differences. When this happens, all students learn more. Some students may communicate differently than the rest of the class or the teacher, but if the classroom environment is welcoming and accepting, then the student will not feel intimidated to speak in class. Teaching open mindedness is very important for a healthy classroom where all students are comfortable and feel accepted, even if they are different for any reason.

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First blog

Hey followers,

Its Noah here. I am a little nervous about writing my first blog. My heart is racing slightly, and there is a nervous feeling inside of my stomach as my fingers find the keys to type. Its going to be a big year ahead, and looking towards the future creates an exciting yet somewhat fearful feeling inside of me. i cant wait to start it off and get things going

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[byoo-tee] noun, plural beau·ties.

The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).
Is in the eyes of the beholder, it can be inside or outside, it is what is appealing to someone. Beauty is something that stands out to someone, it is unique to an individual  It can come in several forms, as such as happiness and confidence, it is attractiveness.
Can be a state of mind. It is not restrictive to something that is seen, although many times it is referring to something visual. It can be a quality, personality, concept, or idea. Nature is Beautiful, as is life and many of its experiences. Beauty is relative. If there was nothing ugly or unsatisfying ion the world, then nothing would appear to be  beautiful because there would be nothing to compare it to. So in essence, even the bad and unsightliness in life influences and creates nature beauty is often cyclical such as the change in seasons, or a sunset or rise. in life it is less predictable.i ts is often random and brief such as the way the sun looks on the mountain side, or the attractive girl that passed by. It is difficult to capture beauty, and is impossible to fully describe unless it was experienced by the person. no Photograph or description can come close to the beauty of experiencing something in real life.
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